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“Hello, world!” Those words were used to introduce students and programmers to the C programming language in the 70s. Helloworld… hmm. We echo those momentous words today: “Hello, readers!” O brave new world, that has such people in it!

We are Seth and Stacey, two former students now entering the professional world. We attended a small private Christian college for our undergrad degrees, where we first met, and a larger public university for our graduate degrees. Consequently, we walked out with a large sum of debt. After avoiding the inevitable, we sat down with the help of Mint.com and wrote down all our debts:


Most of that figure comes from our student loans, with only about $2000 of that figure being revolving debt. We normally carry a much smaller load in this category, but we recently moved half way across the country to Connecticut, where Seth’s from, because his stepdad passed away suddenly. Family comes first. As the months and years pass by, we expect to make smart financial decisions to eventually eliminate this debt.

We welcome your input, support, and comments. Please feel free to write us once we get our contact page put up, but feel free to comment in the mean time. Never be afraid to ask us questions, but we ask that you take any of our comments with a grain of salt. But before we get started, we should let you know that these posts are never intended to be qualified advice or be your sole source of information on a subject: PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING ANY FINANCIAL DECISION, and certainly consult a professional in the field. With that said, we invite you to join us and read about our journey!

Be blessed,

Seth & Stacey