As many of you non-East-Coast dwellers will remember, the East Coast was hit with a freak snowstorm during the last week of October that wiped out power to a great deal of homes (including ours). Our power was out for a whole week. Now the positive side to this is that power outage = lower utility bills…YAY! However, it also cost us in productivity, as I (Stacey) had no school to go to, and as an hourly employee, no school = no $. We ended up holing up with a lady from our church who did have power and graciously let us stay with her for the week. It was a blessing — trust me! You don’t realize how much hot meals and warm showers mean to you until you’re faced with the prospect of not having any for a week!
So now that we have power, we are now chipping away at the enormous prospect of getting our debt under control, our regular work schedule back, and our financial house in order. Mail (particularly bills and other important things) tends to slip into Narnia when one is not living at one’s primary place of residence. We thank God for His grace in the middle of this storm, and for the grace to finish this race toward debt freedom.