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I mustn’t allow the debt to keep me from dreaming.  I must choose to live my life as if it didn’t limit me.  If I lived every day as if I were debt free, here is what I would do.  Read more after the jump…

1) Move to another country (like Germany) for a season and give of my time as a missionary to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

2) Work less, spend more time volunteering with my church’s youth group or with other charitable organizations.

3) Invest in the future by creating a scholarship organization to give full-ride scholarships to promising young college students in music.

4) Set up a 501c(3)/non-profit educational organization and choir whose mission would be to help audiences enjoy and appreciate the choral arts through informative and entertaining programs.

5) Re-start my composition studio and write music 1 whole day per week.

6) Teach at a Christian university, eventually requesting that my salary be used to fund a student’s education instead.

7) Live modestly using passively-acquired income gained through compositional royalties, investments, patents and witty inventions, and other dividends.

8) Mentor the next generation of Christian classical musicians to go and represent God where is little represented.

9) Sponsor individuals in need of Christian counseling to receive help as they recover and receive healing from addictions.

10) Fund/assist/lead marital counseling seminars in churches, especially organizations/speakers that/who strongly emphasize inner healing and the Father’s heart.