It has been a REALLY long time since we have written here, and for that…we apologize. As academics at heart, we understand how important the discipline of writing is to not only for maintaining one’s sense of sanity, but also for the purpose of documenting personal growth. So here is what is new with the Garrepys…

We bought a new car!


(This is not a photo of our actual car, but it is a silver ’03 Corolla, just like we bought…thank you, Google Images! :))

A 2003 Toyota Corolla, to be exact. We bought the car for well under Kelly Blue Book value, and the dealership we went with will warrantee the entire power train for 3 years or 36k miles, whichever comes first…I’m betting the latter will come first for us, knowing our propensity for travel! Here’s the downside: we had to take out a car loan for the first time in our lives. More debt = BOO! However, there are several upsides to this situation, none the least being that, if we are going to go into debt on any vehicle, at least it is with a Toyota, whose resale values continue to be notoriously high due to their dependability. In addition, the car gets killer gas mileage, so that’s another win for the Garrepys!

There are a few other changes coming soon down the pike, but posts on those will be forthcoming. Until then, faithful blog-readers and friends, we once again apologize for our long lapse in writing and thank you for reading about our journey thus far. Be blessed!