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And a lot has happened since we last posted here.

For one, we are no longer in the northeast, but are in warmer environs in North Carolina! I (Stacey) have been in graduate school since 2013, which has been great for developing my academic and writing muscles. I have to be honest, though… It has wreaked havoc on our finances and plans to be debt free.

As in, thousands of dollars more in graduate student debt havoc.


(Did I mention that our paid-off car experienced an engine failure and transmission failure only after moving down to NC as well?) Talk about financial setbacks.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s important to have a safe, reliable car. It’s important to have an education, and we think that an education is absolutely worth the cost. However, we’re ready to give SallieMae her eviction notice, as Dave Ramsey says. We are ready for our Total Money Makeover. This time it is us that have changed.

This past weekend hubby and I took a relaxing trip to Charlotte and not only discussed our personal finances but made a PLAN for them. In fact, the whole way down there we were listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcasts and getting PUMPED together about getting out of debt. And we’re ready to get “gazelle intense” as Dave puts it. We already have our emergency fund in place, and we’re ready to attack that debt. This means:

• Getting on a budget and staying on one!

• Creating a checking account specifically for debt reduction – everything in that account goes toward our debt reduction!

• Selling off our extra crap – we don’t need stuff as much as we need to be out of debt! • Looking for creative ways to increase our income (extra jobs, side businesses, etc.)!


This is where we need you, our readers’ help. What have you done to increase your income and pay off your debt faster? What sorts of tips might you have for us? Where have you stumbled and fallen? We’re excited to be going on this journey with you, and we’re PUMPED about getting out of debt! Thanks for joining us on our trek toward debt freedom.